FeastiveFor the first time in a number of years, I’m feeling quite feastive. I’m actually looking forward to the holidays and to the New Year. I’m even thinking about what I might set as my New Year’s Resolutions.

That got me thinking: resolutions are usually a list of things you promise yourself you’ll start avoiding or stop doing. Smoking, eating, spending too much, sitting on the couch. They usually involve taking a shame inventory and then making a list of what’s wrong. You get the picture. Instead of focus on what’s broken, I’ve decided to choose three or four things that I want to introduce into my life. New things or revisited things.

I have even set a few rules around it — just so I don’t slip in a negative dressed up in positive sequins.

  1. Fun is Key: I’m tired of forcing myself to do responsible, boring, or rote things. I’m adding fun things from now on. Life is short and I’m looking to have an interesting, joyful time.
  2. Revisiting is Fine as Long as It’s a Blast: For instance, I am mulling over adding “playing the piano” to the list. I played for 13 years as a child and stopped because it just felt miserable. I don’t mean I stopped lessons, I mean that I stopped touching the piano. It now just holds photos of my niece (which is a fine occupation, by the way). As long as playing is fun and without stress or expectations, I’m in. If it converts to something else, I’m done. Simple.
  3. Be Adventuresome: I love to learn but I’m appalled at how often that happens sitting in a chair or at my computer. It’s time to get some experiential learning in. Stat.

I’m really excited to come up with my list. It’s just starting to form — I’ve had a few ideas make application — but no so-called invitations have been sent yet. But, I’ll let you know when the final list is ready. **Smile**

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