Yes, I spent several weeks earlier this month teaching a college course. It was both a dream come true and more work than I ever thought possible. I loved every minute of it. It wasn’t a glamorous course — Human Resources Management for Event Planners — but it is a necessary one for anyone planning to have employees, staff, or even vendors. All of which an event planner will need. I have taught many workshops, giving numerous talks, and even… Read more »

I realize that you’re probably noticing that I haven’t posted in over a month. Not to worry. I’ve been writing like crazy that whole time. No, my draft list isn’t full — I write them in my head. I’m not kidding. I see things that I need to comment on all the time. I even get several sentences written and tuck it away for later. What has not been happening, however, is actually typing it out. Or writing it down…. Read more »