I am, by all accounts, a putter. I putt around the house, I stroll with the dog, and I prefer baking to cooking because it’s more meditative. I think one of the reasons I love swimming so much is that it, too, is putting at its best: you just truck along, no one to talk to, counting your lengths (or not). It’s great. So, imagine my surprise when I found my new love: sprinting. It started with running. My coach… Read more »

I felt very guilty for not getting this blog post written before the triathlon in August. I was worried that the topic would seem “not applicable” after the big event. Actually, I’ve learned that it’s even more applicable now. Goals, I’ve come to appreciate, can be both frustrating and motivating, but are most useful when they usher something into your life you never knew you wanted or needed. Back in June, just setting the goal of “finishing a triathlon” was… Read more »

I sit here writing this blog post — my first in two weeks — as a triathlete. Yes, it’s true. I completed my first triathlon just over a week ago. It already feels like a distant memory, but one I’m so proud of. One of my friends commented a few days after the race, “Your energy is completely different. You’re holding yourself differently.” Of course I am. I’m now a triathlete. Did I finish in first place? Absolutely not. In… Read more »

When I started this journey, my only commitments were to workout 5-7 days per week, depending on that week’s training schedule, and to not diet. After all, if I was exercising over an hour a day, I was not going to stress over food. This strategy worked for the first six weeks or so. I never felt bad about eating cake, my body was responding beautifully to the exercise — barring a few Advil-dependent nights — and I made almost… Read more »

I’m still surprised, eight weeks into it, that I’m training for a triathlon. It will be a short one, but — nonetheless, a triathlon. I have never thought of myself as athletic, my least favourite place in the world is the gym, and I think running is only something that’s done to survive. Well, the gym is still somewhere I only go under extreme duress (running tracks are now on that list too), but I’ve learned over the last two… Read more »