I think that most of us have thought about what we’d name our children, should we have some. We plan out the perfect combination, choosing carefully from what sings in our ear, taking into consideration those names already in play within our family, and trying to avoid those to which our friends have already laid claim. I have certainly had a few in mind over the years. What I really didn’t take into consideration was how different a partner’s opinion… Read more »

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Between my car accident in October and my mother’s passing in January, I’ve been having a lot more of those “how many bad things can happen” contests in my head. You know what I’m talking about — where you’re driving through a perfectly calm intersection and, all of a sudden, you picture scrap metal and carnage everywhere. Or you want to go for a run but somehow know that this… Read more »

It makes me crazy that McDonald’s is the international Restaurant Sponsor for the Olympics. Every two years, I see that logo connected with what is supposed to be the ultimate test of athletic ability and I cringe. I did, however, decide to investigate my high-and-mighty stance during Sochi’s run. As I was sitting there in my stupor brought on by a nasty cold virus, I wondered what other company would be up to the challenge? Which other restaurant is known… Read more »

Wow. The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. As I settled in for the holidays, I was — like everyone else — enjoying time with the family, taking a break from the world, and optimistically planning what 2014 was going to be. I was looking to make creative New Years Resolutions and was pumped for the new start a new year seems to provide. I had completed my two month off season for my triathlon training and was… Read more »

For the first time in a number of years, I’m feeling quite feastive. I’m actually looking forward to the holidays and to the New Year. I’m even thinking about what I might set as my New Year’s Resolutions. That got me thinking: resolutions are usually a list of things you promise yourself you’ll start avoiding or stop doing. Smoking, eating, spending too much, sitting on the couch. They usually involve taking a shame inventory and then making a list of… Read more »

Take a look. I’ve left a few comments below the video.   I found this through Jessica Levenson’s post on the Upworthy blog. She really related to the part about women being taught to physically shrink while men are encouraged to expand. The part that hits me in the gut is, “I asked five questions in genetics the other day. They all started with “Sorry”.” It still smarts a little. I was that girl — in genetics class, no less…. Read more »

Have you ever been driving along, singing a song at the top of your lungs and then realize it’s really not a song you should be belting out? I’m not talking about the entire Best of Backstreet Boys compilation (I have no idea to what you’re referring). I’m talking about a song that’s been in your collection forever and you’ve either just realized or constantly forget that its theme is rather somber. This happened to me today — as you… Read more »

Perspective is one of my favourite things to muse about. How do we know that our information is correct? That we’re making decisions based on complete and truthful information? We don’t. We only have the perspective that is available to us at that moment. Writer Chimamanda Adichie describes the danger of having a single line of perspective beautifully in this Ted Talk.