For the first time in a number of years, I’m feeling quite feastive. I’m actually looking forward to the holidays and to the New Year. I’m even thinking about what I might set as my New Year’s Resolutions. That got me thinking: resolutions are usually a list of things you promise yourself you’ll start avoiding or stop doing. Smoking, eating, spending too much, sitting on the couch. They usually involve taking a shame inventory and then making a list of… Read more »

The other day, I was telling my brother the story of my books — how I love them, how I need to whittle their numbers down to a manageable size, and how I cannot seem to toss even one of them in the “donate” pile. I know this seems like no big deal. Some books. Peashaw. Get over it. You don’t understand — I have books piled up in my office and in office drawers that should be holding business… Read more »