Yellowstone Fishing

I admit that this feeling was probably heightened by my being stuck at home with a cold for some of the weekend, but I have a hankering for some adventure. Those of you who are super close to me have a good idea why this feeling is creeping in too (more on this for public consumption in the coming months) but there I was this weekend — me, Maddie (unconscious), and Netflix.

What I found was a pleasant surprise. I’ve browsed the documentary section before but one in particular caught my eye this time through: Where the Yellowstone Goes. Are you asleep yet?



Documenting a 30-day journey north along the Yellowstone River — the only undammed river in the US — the filmmaker, Hunter Weeks, tells a touching, funny, and, in some parts, sad story of four people and a dog’s remarkable trip. Along the way, they meet the people who live along the river’s banks and experience firsthand the trauma a recent oil spill has wreaked on it. Whether the travellers are at a local watering hole, watching a sheep drive, or camping on a welcoming local’s front lawn, they take the time and make the effort to really learn all they can about the communities along the river.

I really enjoyed sitting back with my cup of tea and taking part in their adventure. The Yellowstone flows north from almost the bottom of Montana up to just beyond the North Dakota border. I’ve wanted to visit Montana for several years now (I’m a sucker for their tourism commercials) and this was my ticket (temporarily — I do actually plan to go). The movie does a really good job of showing the tranquility of 30 days on the water as well as the activity and fun. There are even some dramatic moments as they say goodbye to one of their crew and, at one point, have to go hunting in the dark for a boat that has gone missing.

So, if you’re at home one rainy evening or stuck inside nursing an illness (ugh — sorry to hear you’re sick!) and yearning for some adventure, take a look at Where the Yellowstone Goes. It’s a bit of the outdoors when you yourself cannot partake.

Note: I also watched Hunter Week’s other documentary on Netflix, Ride the Divide. More on that later.

All images are from the Where the Yellowstone Goes trailer (above).

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