I sit here writing this blog post — my first in two weeks — as a triathlete. Yes, it’s true. I completed my first triathlon just over a week ago.

It already feels like a distant memory, but one I’m so proud of. One of my friends commented a few days after the race, “Your energy is completely different. You’re holding yourself differently.”

Of course I am. I’m now a triathlete.

Did I finish in first place? Absolutely not. In fact, I was much, much closer to last than first. I did, however, complete each leg at the time I would normally take to do each distance separately. I cannot be upset at that. All three legs — swim, bike, and run — at or close to my personal best times. I’m pleased. My coach is pleased. My training partners performed at their best too. We all won.

Best of all, the actual triathlon experience is no longer a guess. I know what it’s like to do a water start, I know what transitions feel like, I know the rules of the triathlon — and, boy, are there a lot of them! I now know that I need to really hustle in the first transition, that I need (need) a road bike, and that my legs will, in fact, run just fine. I just need to push them to not stop and trust that they’ve got it covered.

What’s Next?

Well, exactly. I definitely don’t want to slide backward after the last almost three months of training. My partners and I sat down with our coach this week to discuss where we want to go. We all have slightly different ultimate goals, but we have agreed to stay as a training unit over the winter and work toward an Olympic-length triathlon next August. We have other smaller goals, of course, but the Olympic Tri will be the 2013 goal.

We’re all really excited by what the next few years will bring for us. How fun would it be to do the same triathlon the athletes just did for the Olympics in London? Or travel to other great locations? We’ll easily be able to complete 10k fun runs and hike some of the most famous trails in the world. All because we took on this challenge of a triathlon and completed it.

See the smiles on our faces in the photo above? They’re still plastered there and have no plans of leaving!

Note: I had to take a bit of time off blogging about the triathlon to actually race in it, but will have a few more posts coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

This post was originally published on the Pebble Road Marketing blog but now calls this home.

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