Take a look. I’ve left a few comments below the video.


I found this through Jessica Levenson’s post on the Upworthy blog. She really related to the part about women being taught to physically shrink while men are encouraged to expand.

The part that hits me in the gut is, “I asked five questions in genetics the other day. They all started with “Sorry”.” It still smarts a little. I was that girl — in genetics class, no less. I never contributed my shyness with being a girl. Rather, just to being shy.

I was brought up to be a strong woman, no doubt there. I’ve always been very independent. But was I taught to be vocal, bold, and willing to take up my own space? I thought so but there I was — sorry. Apologizing for being there. Apologizing for not knowing. Sorry for taking up the instructor’s time and attention.

I don’t have the answer to this one. It’s going to take some mulling over. But I do think it’s worth the effort. In a world where we think we’re encouraging strong women, what is going wrong? Why do we still feel small?

I just don’t know. Sorry.

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