I think that most of us have thought about what we’d name our children, should we have some. We plan out the perfect combination, choosing carefully from what sings in our ear, taking into consideration those names already in play within our family, and trying to avoid those to which our friends have already laid claim. I have certainly had a few in mind over the years.

What I really didn’t take into consideration was how different a partner’s opinion might be in that exercise. I don’t have children, but I have watched a few friends and my brother and sister-in-law go through this process. Names my sister thought were shoe-ins were quickly vetoed by my brother. A few he seemed attached to didn’t work for her.

Despite pouring through naming books and websites, doing random searches for beautiful-sounding foreign words with meaning, many family members with children have still dragged their feet on settling on a name.

Now, I don’t mean that they wanted to meet the little one before naming them. That’s completely understandable. I mean when they want to share a list of possible names but only have one or two second names in mind.

I have also known a few children to be nameless for several weeks into their life. Their parents just couldn’t settle on the perfect moniker. And that might just be the issue, really. This is forever.


Meg Ryan is famous for naming her little girl Charlotte only to change it to Daisy True a few weeks later. Her reason? The child didn’t look like a Charlotte.

That’s the fear, isn’t it? Picking the wrong name. Kudos to Meg Ryan for having the guts to just make it right.

I am truly shocked that more children aren’t named It and Thing.

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