per page [Grid] List . It is much weaker than a standard audio signal that is outputted by CD players and other kinds of audio sources. The fake copies of P.I.T. They plug in between the tonearm's output cables and the preamp inputs, thus holding the pickup's weight down to an acceptable figure for use in most tonearms. RCA and DIN versions are available. $5.00 shipping. The ground wire also doesn't need to be integrated into the jacket of the cable… non-optimal system interfacing. P.I.T. Any other length made to order. The … succumb to such tactics and price their products fairly in line with the costs including the R & D and development costs, but not more. NEVER use a line level cable between a cartridge and the phono preamp! cables have much better flexibility and allow the tonearm / turntable to float freely without the often experienced negative The absolute best phono cable on the market! A further hint: do not accept the cable if it does not come in the original dark blue velvet pouch printed "Precision Interface Technology". It allows true balanced connection of cartridges to the inputs of true balanced phono pre-amplifiers (the FM 222). After most thorough analysis of these specific requirements and exacting research the worlds ultimate phono interconnect cables have been designed. Phono cartridges can have outputs as little as just a fraction of a millivolt, and yet must be able to convey all of what’s in the vinyl groove to the listener … Our phono cables are engineered with output disparity in mind and not simply a reconfigured analog interconnect. Their unmatched neutrality is the result of the most comprehensive research and an in-depth understanding of phono cables always have an earthing wire between the two cables, the P.I.T. For direct connection of tonearms requiring an angled 5-Pin DIN connector to the true balanced input of the FM 223 and the FM 222. NARROW YOUR SEARCH. In either case, the RCA output jacks … Compared to my other brand cables. However, even if the cable coding should have been removed it is still possible to recognize the difference from the outside: cables for phono interconnection have a central grounding Truly a breakthrough product! Sort By. And with our offer for a free trial there is no risk whatsoever. From the outside P.I.T. unique dual bifilar shield guarantees zero inductance and an additional HF shield rejects RF interferences. Ultra flexible phono cable specially designed for single-ended interconnection of MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges. These different cable types provide the correct solution for the various cartridge to phono preamplifier interconnections. Stay up to date on the latest and greatest! relevant distributor within a few days. $3.95 shipping. A turntable produces a PHONO output signal.      0.6               2 The RCA/Phono connectors incorporate a unique exponentially enhanced contact area that takes into account the tolerances of the usual RCA/Phono The amp has a phono input for mm and high output mc carts. The term "phono" is often used to describe the physical connectors and/or the signal type. $8.95. This cable allows true balanced connection of Ultra flexible phono cable specially designed for single-ended interconnection to MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges. For direct connection of tonearms requiring a straight 5-Pin DIN connector to the true balanced input of the FM 222 and FM 223. In the Precision Interface Technology® range specifically Other types made to order. Digital coaxial audio cables with 75 Ohm impedance for digital audio transfer with Phono RCA plugs and are often used between CD player and amplifier. This specially formulated wire was designed specifically to transmit the fragile low-level phono signal produced by your turntable. AudioQuest Quartz 1 m. Interconnect Cable … The PH1 Phono Cables contain 1 run of a specially constructed shielded SSI Technology wire per channel.

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