At the tournament, there's a huge crowd, and they don't see Goku anywhere. Gohan reveals that he turned down the job as the professors assistant, because it would take too much time away from Videl and Pan. After this, Frieza is ready to fight so he chooses Gohan as his first victim. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, "I know your kind! Goku attempts to block it but can't and is overwhelmed by the blast. When Vegeta kills Nappa, Goku tells Gohan to let him battle Vegeta alone, not wanting Gohan to get hurt again. Gohan lands and finds a locket Obuni had around his neck which was of his family. Eventually, Goku manages to defeat Great Ape Baby, forcing the Tuffle parasite to flee from Vegeta's body, returning him back to normal. Gohan also appears in the 2010 live action battle show Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage, which is loosely based on the 1993 movie Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. The preliminaries are starting, and not including the Junior Division there are 194 people here, but only sixteen can participate. Additionally, Adult Gohan and Great Saiyaman appears as well (as separate playable characters). However, Frieza transforms into his third transformation and gains the upper hand against Piccolo. Goku says that he already knows about that ability and that it's actually common, but Old Kai insists no one else can do it well beyond the limits like he can. At that moment, Mr. Popo interrupts and brings the group to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where Future Trunks and Vegeta emerge stronger than ever. — Gohan, while fighting Super 17 in "17 Times 2". In the Japanese version, Ox-King's name ideas include "Gyumataro", "Gyumahiko", "Doctor Gyuma", "Gyumanosuke", "Gyumashin", "Gyumantohihi", and "Gyumasuki". Like his future counterpart, Gohan's Super Saiyan 3 form possesses two hair bangs instead of just one unlike his father. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, it was noted by Piccolo and Gohan himself that with Goku and Vegeta off-planet, Gohan is the strongest on Earth. In his mind Piccolo is met by Kami and Nail who point in front of him and as Piccolo awakens he finds Gohan shielding him and asks Piccolo to do it again and he won't get lazy this time as he will take them seriously now. Shin then realizes that Vegeta is the new fighter that Dabura was talking about. Elsewhere, Goku is forced to return to the afterlife and he immediately sets out to find Gohan in Other World. While the battle between Goku and Top goes on, Gohan remarks that he is getting excited watching the battle between them, owing this sensation to his Saiyan blood. Cell (Super Perfect Form), Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Goten (Base/Super Saiyan), Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed). In another flashback Goku, Chi-Chi, and Gohan are walking in the woods when they look up in a tree at a bird family. This way, no wishes from the Black Star Dragon Balls will be made, saving the Earth from a future disaster. Tien and Piccolo move away as Gohan powers up to his Potential Unleashed state. While Goku wears his trademark orange and blue clothes for the tournament, Gohan asks Piccolo for a copy of his uniform, since he was his first mentor. He was the third youngest Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation at the age of nine whilst training and surpassing his father Goku in the Room of Spirit and Time (hyperbolic time chamber) and as a display of his hidden potential which he unlocked during his training with his father, Gohan becomes the first Saiyan in the series to become a Super Saiyan 2 during his battle against Cell. After this Chi Chi, Goten and Gohan head out to the fields and notice Goku plowing the fields and training. They both feel Goku's ki disappear and realize he has turned Super Saiyan Blue and the situation is serious, so they head off to help. So he would have been 16 going on 17 excluding the year in the Time Chamber. Brazen Courage Gohan (Kid) card featuring him wielding his Journey to the West style Power Pole in Dokkan Battle, Gohan holding his makeshift tail in Kakarot, Krillin, Oolong, and Gohan in an eye drops commercial, Gohan is used in eye drops commercials and Dragon Ball Z school supply commercials, which is a part of the Dragon Ball series' good influence on education and is one of their reach outs. Gohan and Piccolo watching out for Prum's attacks. — Gohan displaying his new Great Saiyaman alter ego to some crooks in "I am Saiyaman", Gohan as a teenager during the Majin Buu Saga. Realizing he is still rusty, Gohan heads off to find Piccolo. Realizing this, Gohan orders Frieza to trap himself and Dyspo in a Cage of Light so Dyspo can't move so much. Gohan later ended up knocked out, but then donated his remaining energy to Goku as a last resort to put down the Legendary Super Saiyan once and for all. He tells Future Trunks he wishes to visit his peaceful timeline and Future Trunks tells Gohan he will let him visit at some point later - as he has decided to go to a new future timeline. "These guys are ruthless. He meets Lime and Mr. Lao there, and later encounters one of his father's deadliest enemies in his childhood: Mercenary Tao, rebuilt as a cyborg. 4-C after his training with Goku, at least High 4-C as a Full Power Super Saiyan, 4-B as a Super Saiyan 2 | 4-C, at least High 4-C as a Full Power Super Saiyan, High 4-C as a Super Saiyan 2, 4-B after having his potential unlocked Name: Son Gohan Origin: Dragon Ball. Gohan warns Bulma that if given to much, he might lose control and became too … In the God of Destruction Beerus Saga of Dragon Ball Super, Potential Unleashed Gohan was nowhere near able to defeat Beerus, who nonchalantly knocked Gohan aside. With that last Masenko consuming all the energy he had left, Gohan decides to give up and meet his fate, despite Krillin's protests for him to run. — Gohan confronting Baby-possessed Goten in "Saiyan Hunting". After fusing Gohan is still able to keep up with the three of them but has a few close calls. At the same time, he has his mother's light peach complexion rather than his father's light tan. In this form, Gohan's capacities increase 10 fold. Botamo initially mocks his attempts when Goku arrives to watch the fight and questions what is Gohan doing. As Gohan launches the Kamehameha, Shimorekka shouts at Seven-Three to use whatever he has in stock, as he taps into Moro's abilities to consume the energy wave with. Kibito says that's a simple thing, and asks if the color was the same as the excrement of the frogs on Planet Popol. They'll start torching the whole planet if we walk away." He then became a Super Saiyan 2 in his rage, with Broly powering up to Legendary Super Saiyan. Gohan then resumes his training while Kibito doubts that Gohan can master the blade after previous Supreme Kais failed to even wield it. Gohan then declared that he could handle her alone. Against Jimizu, base Gohan was overwhelmed by Jimizu's professional use of Instant Transmission, although Frieza notes Gohan would easily handled the Yardat if he hadn't stubbornly refused to use Super Saiyan. 11,000,000,000 Double Full-Power Super Saiyan Supreme Kai believes Gohan may be able to defeat Fat Buu (after he trains with the Z Sword), Goku is not sure. Age 775. This battle made me realize something, in order to protect those who are important to me I need to get more and more powerful" Gohan bounces it back, hitting Vegeta, but not killing him. By the Golden Frieza Saga, Gohan's lack of training for so long left him unable to utilize his full potential and difficult to stay transformed for long. In "The Move", an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, Gumball gains hair identical to Super Saiyan 2 Gohan when transforming into a Super Saiyan. Luckily, the pair is saved when the blast is suddenly deflected. Falling into his trap, Gotenks, along with Piccolo, are absorbed into Super Buu, who sneakily used severed pieces of his own body to envelop them. He is nearly killed, but was saved at the last minute by Majuub. Gohan then begins to wonder how Chi-Chi would take the news that Goku was coming back, and if she'd even allow him to compete. He is later seen at his home when Goten and Trunks are giving Videl a wedding gift. I've been letting them down my whole life!" In Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, when he has his tail held by Dore, Gohan's power level drops to 50. He assertively orders Gohan to take Piccolo and retrieve Bulma and take them to the ship that he traveled in and use it to head back to Earth. Meanwhile, Babidi gains control over the Majin by threatening to seal him away again and orders Buu to kill them both. As a child during the battle against Raditz, a scared Gohan showed a power level of 710, which surpassed the combined might of Goku and Piccolo at their fullest. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan struggles to transform into a Super Saiyan. "Guardian of the city, I am the one and only... Great Saiyaman!" — Gohan gives Cell a chance to surrender in "Get Angry, Gohan! Later, Gohan's training under Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber let him attain Super Saiyan form, master its power perfectly, and match his father's might.

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