Lion’s Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea capillata). Risk factor: Severe sting and may still retain sting weeks after having washed ashore. The Sea Nettle is semi-transparent and has small whitish dots and reddish-brown stripes. Glorious morning, Celebrating the Life of Maude Jane Delap | Marine Science Pioneer, A Seapoint tragedy – Loss of the Rochdale and Prince of Wales, Clean Coasts’ Love Your Coast Photography Competition Winners AnnouncedÂ, Book Launch | Dauntless Courage: Celebrating the History of Dunmore East RNLI, New study finds corals surviving in extreme conditions within Irelands largest submarine canyon, Tentacles divided into eight clusters, each made of 150 long sting covered tentacles, Sting can produce blisters, irritation and anaphylactic shock, Have four pinky purple rings on its back, Body is transparent with short tentacles. return false; A visible characteristic of this jelly is orange-brown stripes radiating from the center of the bell toward the edges. Chrysaora pacifica, or Japanese sea nettle, is found off the coast of Japan and the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and Russia.Adults have a whitish umbrella with thin brown stripes … The bay nettle is smaller, found more in brackish water like the sound, and often has little or no color, appearing almost milky white. This ‘sail’ allows them to catch the wind and glides them across the surface of the water. #seapoint #dublinBay, Loving these fresh winter mornings and gorgeous su, Muglins Lighthouse in Dublin under a cool winter s, The early bird catches the worm! The sea nettle jellyfish is found in brown color as well. Their head markings are like a compass. Here’s our easy Garden Bird Identification Guide, //

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