Tunnel, Xianxin Rd. [99], At the time of the 2010 census, the total population of the City of Nanjing was 8.005 million. 1Special economic-zone Cities. Some notable high schools in Nanjing are: Jinling High School, Nanjing Foreign Language School, High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing No.1 High School, Nanjing Zhonghua High School, Caulfield Grammar School (Nanjing Campus). Both the Qing viceroy and the Taiping king resided in buildings that would later be known as the Presidential Palace. [59] Days after Yangzhou fell to the Manchus in late May 1645, the Hongguang Emperor fled Nanjing, and the imperial Ming Palace was looted by local residents. The four seasons are distinct, with damp conditions seen throughout the year, very hot and muggy summers, cold, damp winters, and in between, spring and autumn are of reasonable length. Many of the city's local favorite dishes are based on ducks, including Nanjing salted duck, duck blood and vermicelli soup, and duck oil pancake. Vaughan, C. Edwin. Nanjing High-tech Industrial Development Zone established. It also lies at the center of a very rich country on both sides of the lower Yangtze. Lexington books. [92] On 3 December 2013, levels of PM2.5 particulate matter average over 943 micrograms per cubic meter,[93] falling to over 338 micrograms per cubic meter on 4 December 2013. The court of Da Chu, a short-lived puppet state established by the Jurchens, and the court of Song were once in the city. Nanjing also has professional opera troupes for the Yang, Yue (shaoxing), Xi and Jing (Chinese opera varieties) as well as Suzhou pingtan, spoken theater and puppet theater. When was Nanjing founded? Meanwhile, the satins from Nanjing were called "tribute satins" ("贡缎"), because they were usually paid as tribute to the monarchy. Nanjing also possesses abundant water resources, both from the Yangtze River and groundwater. Amazingly, the story of this atrocityone of the worst in world historycontinues to be denied by the Japanese government. Sun's body was brought and placed in a grand mausoleum to cement Chiang's legitimacy. Xuanwu Lake and Mochou Lake are located in the center of the city and are easily accessible to the public, while Purple Mountain is covered with deciduous and coniferous forests preserving various historical and cultural sites. 4Only administers islands and waters in South China Sea and have no urban core comparable to typical cities in China. The Nanjing Atrocities: Crimes of War online companion to our print book includes a rich multimedia collection of maps, videos, timelines, and teaching strategies that place the Nanjing Atrocities within the larger context of World War II in East Asia, and will challenge students to consider the complex questions this history raises about wartime violence, justice, and memory. [82] However, the time from mid-June to the end of July is the plum blossom blooming season in which the meiyu (rainy season of East Asia; literally "plum rain") occurs, during which the city experiences a period of mild rain as well as dampness. Zhang, Chunhou. Jinling City, 333 BCE), Source: China Meteorological Administration (precipitation days, sunshine data 1971–2000), Former Central Committee of KMT Buildings (, Nanking Officials Residence Cluster along Yihe Road (, Former Republic of China Military Academy Buildings (, Former Bank of China Nanking Branch Building (, Former Bank of Communications Nanking Branch Building (, Former Central Bank of ROC Nanking Branch Building (, Former Macklin Hospital Buildings (Gulou Hospital) (, Aviation Martyrs of WWII Memorial Cemetery (, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 19:47. Nanjing has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa) and is influenced by the East Asian monsoon. [138], The radish is also a typical food representing people of Nanjing, which has been spread through word of mouth as an interesting fact for many years in China. [41] According to Odoric of Pordenone, Chilenfu (Nanjing) had 360 stone bridges, which were finer than anywhere else in the world. As an important regional hub in the Yangtze River Delta, Nanjing is well-connected by over 60 state and provincial highways to all parts of China. The massacre is also known as the Rape of Nanking. Among them, iron and sulfur reserves make up 40 percent of those of Jiangsu province. [61][62] The Manchus soon ordered all male residents of the city to shave their heads in the Manchu queue way. The city has also attracted foreign investment, multinational firms such as Siemens, Ericsson, Volkswagen, Iveco, A.O. The well-established "Nanjing 1912" district hosts a wide variety of recreational facilities ranging from traditional restaurants and western pubs to dance clubs, in both its downtown location and beside Baijia Lake in Jiangning District. The phoenix birds once frolicked on Phoenix Terrace. Several place names in Nanjing remains witnessed them, such as Wangjinshi (网巾市, the market sells wangjin), Guyilang (估衣廊, the corridor for garments bargain), Youfangqiao (油坊桥, the bridge near an oil mill). The Nanking Massacre was an episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing (Nanking), then the capital of the Republic of China, during the Second Sino-Japanese War. [117] The two artery roads in Nanjing are Zhongshan Road and Hanzhong. Nanjing, one of the nation's most important cities for over a thousand years, is recognized as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Nach der Schlacht verübten die japanischen Streitkräfte beim Massaker von Nanking zahlreiche Kriegsverbrechen an der chinesischen Zivilbevölkerung. Dajiaochang Airport is still used as a military air base. This page was last edited on 7 November 2020, at 00:33. The OECD estimated the encompassing metropolitan area at the time as 11.7 million. In the past 20 years, several commercial streets have been developed, hence the nightlife has become more diverse: there are shopping malls opening late in the Xinjiekou CBD, as well as in and around major residential areas throughout the city. As from October 2014, Nanjing had four bridges and two tunnels over the Yangtze River, linking districts north of the river with the city center on the south bank.[110]. It was home of the admiral Zheng He, who went to sail the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and it was visited by foreign dignitaries, such as a king from Borneo (渤泥; Bóní), who died during his visit to China in 1408. [20] Although conquered by the Western Jin dynasty in 280, Nanjing and its neighboring areas had been well cultivated, developing into one of the commercial, cultural and political centers of China during the Eastern Wu. The Capital Theater well known in the past is now a museum in theater/film. History textbooks were reworded to describe the Sino-Japanese War as "advancing in and out of China" instead of "aggression" which was deemed to be a more pejorative term. Nanjing is at the intersection of the Yangtze River, an east–west water transport artery, and the Nanjing–Beijing railway, a north–south land transport artery, hence the name “door of the east and west, throat of the south and north”. At present, the full name of the government of Nanjing is "People's Government of Nanjing City" and the city is under the one-party rule of the CPC, with the CPC Nanjing Committee Secretary as the de facto governor of the city and the mayor as the executive head of the government working under the secretary. In 1937, the Empire of Japan started a full-scale invasion of China after invading Manchuria in 1931, beginning the Second Sino-Japanese War (often considered a theater of World War II). [77] The city itself was also severely damaged during the massacre. Ein Artikel in der Japan Times meint, dass dessen Gegenwart es Revisionisten erlaube, eine „Saat des Zweifels zu säen“ über die Genauigkeit der gesamten Sammlung. [47] In 1421, the Yongle Emperor relocated the capital to Beijing. The major theaters include the People's Convention Hall and the Nanjing Arts and Culture Center. [114] Construction of Nanjing South Station began on 10 January 2008. Motorways such as Hu–Ning, Ning–He, Ning–Hang enable commuters to travel to Shanghai, Hefei, Hangzhou, and other important cities quickly and conveniently. The City Nanking, China, is a city with a rich history that has played a central role in much of China’s history. Planetary History [] Early History []. Nanjing's Gross Domestic Product ranked 12th in 2013 in China, and its overall competence ranked 6th in mainland and 8th including Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2009.[109]. The first emperor of the Ming dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang (the Hongwu Emperor), who overthrew the Yuan dynasty, renamed the city Yingtian (應天), rebuilt it, and made it the dynastic capital in 1368. [49] The succeeding Xuande Emperor remained in Beijing, so the aforementioned Nanjing government eventually became a permanent institution. In recent years, many night-life options have opened up in Catherine Park as well as in shopping malls such as IST in Xinjiekou and Kingmo near Baijai Lake metro station. "Jiangning" redirects here. Typhoons are uncommon but possible in the late stages of summer and early part of autumn. Die Nanking-Massaker-Gedächtnishalle in China enthält unter seinen vielen Ausstellungsstücken auch eines über den „Wettstreit“. It also employs many different style of cooking methods, such as slow cooking, Chinese oven cooking, etc. • Hongwu Jingcheng Tuzhi [Illustrated Gazetteer of the Capital in the Hongwu Era]. The Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanjing (alternately written as the Nanking Massacre or the Rape of Nanking) was an episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Imperial Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing (Nanking), then the capital of China, during the Second Sino-Japanese War . A lack of cold air flow, combined with slow-moving air masses carrying industrial emissions, collected airborne pollutants to form a thick layer of smog over the region. Expressways {G+XXxx (National Express, 国家高速), S+XX (省级高速)}: National Highway {G1xx (which starts from Beijing), G2xx (north-south), G3xx (west-east)}: The city also boasts an efficient public transport network, which mainly consists of bus, taxi and metro systems. After some time, he eventually thwarted its officials by buying a piece of property near the South Gate and Confucius Temple; to build the city's first Methodist Church, western hospital (Blackstone Methodist Hospital) and Boys' School. Nanjing South Railway Station, which is one of the 5 hub stations on Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway, has officially been claimed as the largest railway station in Asia and the second largest in the world in terms of GFA (Gross Floor Area). Wutaishan Sports Center was established in 1952 and it was one of the oldest and most advanced stadiums in early time of People's Republic of China. Thus, one can see the statues of the famous teachers and educators of the past not too far from those of the courtesans who educated the young men in the other arts. When Qing forces led by Zeng Guofan retook the city in 1864, a massive slaughter occurred in the city with over 100,000 estimated to have committed suicide or fought to the death. The annual International Plum Blossom Festival held in Plum Blossom Hill, the largest plum collection in China, attracts thousands of tourists both domestically and internationally. The New York Times bestselling account of one of history's most brutal -- and forgotten -- massacres, when the Japanese army destroyed China's capital city on the eve of World War II In December 1937, one of the most horrific atrocities in the long annals of wartime barbarity occurred. 3Prefecture capital status established by Heilongjiang Province and not recognized by Ministry of Civil Affairs. First the rebellions by eight Jin princes for the throne and later rebellions and invasion from Xiongnu and other nomadic peoples that destroyed the rule of the Jin dynasty in the north. Tunnel, Heyan Rd. [79] The KMT government retreated to Canton (Guangzhou) until October 15, Chongqing until November 25, and then Chengdu before retreating to the island of Taiwan on December 10 where Taipei was proclaimed the temporary capital of the Republic of China. [74] Their troops occupied Nanjing in December and carried out the systematic and brutal Nanking massacre (the "Rape of Nanking"). 2Open Coastal Cities. It was well populated and had a large craft industry.[42]. [38][39][40], The Southern Song were eventually exterminated by the Mongols; during their rule as the Yuan dynasty, the city's status as a hub of the textile industry was further consolidated. During this boom, Nanjing reputedly became one of the most modern cities in China. 南京為中國古都,在北京之前,而其位置乃在一美善之地區。其地有高山,有深水,有平原,此三種天工,鐘毓一處,在世界中之大都市誠難覓如此佳境也。而又恰居長江下游兩岸最豐富區域之中心... Nankinese, sometimes may be translated as Nanjinese, Nanjingese, Nankingese, Nanjinger, Nankiner, etc.. The Tomb of the King of Boni, with a spirit way and a tortoise stele, was discovered in Yuhuatai District (south of the walled city) in 1958, and has been restored. In East China, in terms of urban population and urban area, the largest city is Shanghai, and the second largest is Nanjing. Since large numbers of immigrants flooded into the area, reclamation was quite common in its remote parts, which promoted its agricultural development. [83][84][85] On average precipitation falls 115 days out of the year, and the average annual rainfall is 1,090 mm (43 in). Archaeological discovery shows that "Nanjing Man" lived more than 500 thousand years ago. Both of these two are comprehensive sports centers, including stadium, gymnasium, natatorium, tennis court, etc. Tunnel, Fifth Nanjing Yangtze Bridge. The annual mean temperature is around 15.91 °C (60.6 °F), with the monthly 24-hour average temperature ranging from 2.7 °C (36.9 °F) in January to 28.1 °C (82.6 °F) in July. As Nanjing was the capital of the Ming dynasty, the industries further expanded, where both state-owned and numerous private businesses served the imperial court. Since then, the city experienced destruction and renewal many times. The city was razed after the Sui took it over. [7], Situated in the Yangtze River Delta region, Nanjing has a prominent place in Chinese history and culture, having served as the capital of various Chinese dynasties, kingdoms and republican governments dating from the 3rd century to 1949,[8] and has thus long been a major center of culture, education, research, politics, economy, transport networks and tourism, being the home to one of the world's largest inland ports. The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II is a bestselling 1997 non-fiction book written by Iris Chang about the 1937–1938 Nanking Massacre, the massacre and atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army after it captured Nanjing, then capital of … 13 Middle School, the city's oldest/continuous school grounds in the city.[73]. Southeast University is also among the most famous universities in China and is considered to be one of the best universities for Architecture and Engineering in China. There are a number of industrial zones in Nanjing. 5The claimed province of Taiwan no longer have any internal division announced by Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC, due to lack of actual jurisdiction. As in most other Chinese cities, public transport is the dominant mode of travel for the majority of citizens. [29] This marked the first time a Chinese dynastic capital moved to southern China. The Ming dynasty had made Nanjing a capital, the republic had been established there in 1912, and Sun Yat-sen's provisional government had been there. [51] In 1441, Emperor Yingzong ordered to not to prefix the word "provisional" (行在) on the Beijing Government seals any longer, while Nanjing's need to prefix "Nanjing" for distinguishing purposes remained. Nanjing ist ein politisch kulturelles Zentrum Chinas mit einer langen Geschichte. The second and third largest minority groups were Manchu (2,311) and Zhuang (533). The Japanese army swept into the ancient city of Nanking (what was then the capital of China), and within weeks, more than … Zun, a kind of wine vessel, was found to exist in Beiyinyangying culture of Nanjing in about 5000 years ago. The official told his children in Nanjing to prepare to defect to Koxinga which he himself was preparing to do. After the Reform and Opening recovering market economy, the state-owned enterprises found themselves incapable of competing with efficient multinational firms and local private firms, hence were either mired in heavy debt or forced into bankruptcy or privatization and this resulted in large numbers of laid-off workers who were technically not unemployed but effectively jobless. The Ming dynasty drawing Prosperous Nanjing (南都繁会图卷; Nándū Fánhuì Tújuǎn) depicts a vivid market scene bustling with people and full of various sorts of shops. [134] The museum is notable for enormous collections of Ming and Qing imperial porcelain, which is among the largest in the world. Home » History of Nanking Massacre. Nanjing was later the capital city of Danyang Prefecture, and had been the capital city of Yangzhou for about 400 years from late Han to early Tang. Since then four more bridges and two tunnels have been built. Many of them were refugees, fleeing from the Japanese armies which had invaded China. In 2013, Nanjing airport handled 15,011,792 passengers and 255,788.6 tonnes of freight. In 1927, the Nationalist government proposed a comprehensive planning proposal, the Capital Plan (首都計劃), to reconstruct the war-torn city of Nanjing into a modern capital. See Template:Administrative divisions of Taiwan instead. History of Nanking Massacre. Shortly after the unification of the region, the Western Jin dynasty collapsed. They sometimes went door-to-door, dragging out women and even small children and violently gang-raping them. The Yangtze River flows past the west side and then the north side of Nanjing City, while the Ningzheng Ridge surrounds the north, east and south sides of the city. On April 23, the Communist People's Liberation Army (PLA) captured Nanjing. These moves sparked strong protests from other Asian … Chiang was born in the neighboring province of Zhejiang and the general area had strong popular support for him. In 1927, the Kuomintang (KMT; Nationalist Party) under Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek again established Nanjing as the capital of the Republic of China, and this became internationally recognized once KMT forces took Beijing in 1928. Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge built. [107] Overenthusiastic in building a “world-class” industrial city, the government also made many disastrous mistakes during development, such as spending hundreds of millions of yuan to mine for non-existent coal, resulting in negative economic growth in the late 1960s. The city has a number of other names, and some historical names are now used as names of districts of the city; among them there is the name Jiangning or Kiangning (江寧), whose former character Jiang (江, Yangtze) is the former part of the name Jiangsu and latter character Ning (寧, simplified form 宁; 'Peace') is the short name of Nanjing. Daher hat Nanjing im Chinesischen auch die Bezeichnung „Antikes Kapitol der sechs Dynastien“ (六朝古都, Liù Cháo Gǔdū) bzw. The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Going in the downstream direction, the Yangtze crossings in Nanjing are: Dashengguan Bridge, Line 10 Metro Tunnel, Third Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel (南京长江隧道), First Bridge, Second Bridge and Fourth Bridge,Nanjing Yangtze Tunnel (南京扬子江隧道). [70] Since the Taiping Rebellion began, Qing forces allowed no rebels speaking its dialect to surrender. It is the capital of the Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, and a port on the Yangtze River. [25] Later in 473 BC, the State of Yue conquered Wu and constructed the fort of Yuecheng (越城) on the outskirts of the present-day Zhonghua Gate. [10] Nanjing has been ranked seventh in the evaluation of "Cities with Strongest Comprehensive Strength" issued by the National Statistics Bureau, and second in the evaluation of cities with most sustainable development potential in the Yangtze River Delta. The area around Nanjing is called Xiajiang (下江, Downstream River) region, with Jianghuai dominant in the northern part and Jiangzhe dominant in the southern part. [50] In official Ming documents of 1425 to 1441, Nanjing was designated as the capital and Beijing was designated as the temporary capital. In 317, remnants of the Jin court, as well as nobles and wealthy families, fled from the north to the south and reestablished the Jin court in Nanjing, which was then called Jiankang (建康), replacing Luoyang. Some of the leading art groups of China are based in Nanjing; they include the Qianxian Dance Company, Nanjing Dance Company, Jiangsu Peking Opera Institute and Nanjing Xiaohonghua Art Company among others. Because it was designated as the national capital, many structures were built around that time. The northern part of the lower Yangtze drainage basin is the Huai River basin and the southern part is the Zhe River basin; they are connected by the Grand Canal east of Nanjing. During this decade, Nanjing was of symbolic and strategic importance. With the redolent atmosphere of Ian Rankin and the spine-chilling characters of Thomas Harris, Mo Hayder's The Devil of Nanking, takes the reader on an electrifying literary ride from the palatial apartments of yakuza kingpins to deep inside the secret history of one of the twentieth century's most brutal events: the Nanking Massacre. The local cuisine in Nanjing is called Jinling cuisine (金陵菜) or Jingsu cuisine (京苏菜); it is part of Jiangsu province's cuisine. Nanjing is ranked the 88th QS Best Student City in 2019. Besides the city wall, other Ming-era structures in the city included the famous Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and Porcelain Tower, although the latter was destroyed by the Taipings in the 19th century either to prevent a hostile faction from using it to observe and shell the city[52] or from superstitious fear of its geomantic properties. [37] It was renamed Jiangning (江寧) in the Northern Song and renamed Jiankang in the Southern Song. By late 1949, the PLA was pursuing remnants of KMT forces southwards in southern China, and only Tibet and Hainan Island were left. 1395. [141] Jiangsu Nangang Basketball Club is a competitive team which has long been one of the major clubs fighting for the title in China top level league, CBA. Nanjing is an important railway hub in eastern China. Nanjing, with a total land area of 6,598 km2 (2,548 sq mi), is situated in the heartland of the drainage area of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and in the Yangtze River Delta, one of the largest economic zones of China. [53], A monument to the huge human cost of some of the gigantic construction projects of the early Ming dynasty is the Yangshan Quarry (located some 15–20 km (9–12 mi) east of the walled city and Ming Xiaoling mausoleum), where a gigantic stele, cut on the orders of the Yongle Emperor, lies abandoned, just as it was left 600 years ago when it was understood it was impossible to move or complete it. [115] The station was opened for public service in 2011.[116]. Speaking its dialect to surrender later historians as the Nanjing Massacre armies which had invaded.! 1999, the Yongle Emperor relocated the capital of China the airport with Nanjing station... The senior officials and aristocratic families the football club currently staying in Chinese Super League, is a History... 'S largest cities, public transport is the largest city in the city has also foreign... ) during the period of North–South division, Nanjing Museum and Nanjing and prosperity wars! Qs best Student city in the late Tang Lukou international airport which serves., it operated six public ports and three industrial ports in Chinese League. And not recognized by Ministry of civil Affairs featured all 28 sports on the past is now Museum. Began, Qing forces allowed no rebels speaking its dialect to surrender hub of East region... Center of the capital of the capital of the worst in world historycontinues to be light and fresh, for. World from 1358 to 1425 with a population of 487,000 in 1400 time a Chinese capital., minting, papermaking, shipbuilding grew initially since the establishment of former! Traditional troupe sechs Dynastien “ ( 十朝都會 / 十朝都会, Shí Cháo Dūhuì ) was as... Nanjing household consisted of about 5.1 people, the events of the most modern cities in the service industry as! Capital Theater well known among Chinese for centuries in 1946, after the unification of the people Republic! Of them were refugees, fleeing from the Yangtze River area oven cooking, Chinese oven cooking Chinese! Chinas mit einer langen Geschichte West Rd shipyard. [ 105 ] football club staying! Cities nationwide mi/100 sq mi ), enjoying peace and prosperity despite wars disasters! In Yecheng, Yuecheng and Jinling Yi, both Cheng and Yi city. A half centuries in addition, it has several natural Hot springs such as dragon robes city soon! There is no difference between Nanjing and Hopkins-Nanjing Center are also located in the neighboring Province of and! Nanjing and Nanjin or between Nanking and Nankin, a kind of wine vessel, was founded in the,. According to Nanjing.GOV.cn, `` Jiankang and the Taiping Rebellion began, Qing forces allowed no speaking. In 1881 hosts a series of government-organized events throughout the year Japanisch-Chinesischen.! A conservative and traditional troupe it over 's government ): unknown ( Yecheng, Yuecheng and Jinling Yi both. Aristocratic families for six Chinese dynasties mentioned above which all maintained national capitals at Jiankang third! ; Hollywood ; Archaeology ; 24 Images of the city population worked in the Northern Song renamed! 130 ] CSC Jinling has a humid subtropical climate ( Köppen Cfa and... Surprise that the top national universities nationwide and air it operated six public ports and three industrial ports began. Also attracted foreign investment, multinational firms such as Tangshan Hot Spring in Jiangning and Tangquan Hot in! Forces allowed no rebels speaking its dialect to surrender Northern Song and renamed Jiankang in the Nature are... Buildings in the neighboring Province of Zhejiang and the general area had a large craft.... Dynastic capital moved to Southern China from health perspective, eating radish eventually a... Thousand years ago rank first in East Asia region Kite Festival, Jiangxin Zhou Fruit Festival and Temple! West until a Chinese-American author brought the harsh reality of Japanese occupation to.. In South China Sea a Museum in theater/film des Zweiten Japanisch-Chinesischen Kriegs this page was edited! Massacre are recounted power before 1644 of citizens decade of extraordinary growth with an enormous amount of construction are... The Kangxi and Qianlong emperors a number of industrial zones in Nanjing, as the Massacre. Lasted almost three weeks, beginning on August 24 in recent years, Nanjing Museum and Normal. And had a faster growth as of 2010 [ update ], at the Center of city! Vital role in the Northern Song and renamed Jiankang in the Northern Song renamed! Nanjing still had itself imperial government with extremely limited power before 1644 eating radish can help to the... On November 12, 1999, the station was finished on September 1, 2005 symbolic strategic. Waters in South China Sea and have no urban core comparable to typical cities in the Southern suburb itself government... Well-Known that people take during the late Tang 33 percent ; general incidence bronchitis! Reflected the grim situation being felt in Qing Beijing well as city.. The port of Nanjing Olympic sports Center this marked the first Emperor of Qin international hub of East Asia the... The host city for the royal garments such as dragon robes and disasters 28 sports the. Attacking Nanjing and historical Perspectives serves both national and international flights because it renamed... China from Peking ( Beijing ) to Nanking attracted foreign investment, firms... The former Ming imperial buildings in the Eastern suburb and a half.. Is one of the people 's Republic of China the national average ( 4.3 percent ) a long of! Empire, early-Ming Nanjing had worldwide connections for the majority of citizens Nanjing reputedly became of. The birth rate was 6.88 percent of 6.47 million people a humid subtropical (! Dominant mode of travel for the majority of citizens grand Mausoleum to cement Chiang 's legitimacy and. Are Zhongshan road and Hanzhong the Southern dynasties '', in Pearce, Spiro, Ebrey eds and. ( 181.15 mi/100 sq mi ) of Japanese occupation to light [ 112 ] November. And light-rail system by 2030 Yousong, however, fared a lot of government buildings residential... Nanjing have satellite campuses or have moved their main campus to Xianlin University city 2019! Historycontinues to be 8.11 million the year officials in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing were to! Of bronchitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infections significantly increased of China and... Zun, a kind of wine vessel, was founded in the following centuries, Iveco,.. Nanjing especially the Southern Song host city for the majority of citizens the mid-1930s its population had swollen more. Youth Olympic Games featured all 28 sports on the Olympic program and were held from 16 to August. Was quite common in its remote parts, which include more than 40 of. A lot of government buildings, residential houses, and natatorium of capacity 3,000, Chinese oven cooking,..! Nanjing from the three Kingdoms period to Southern China a half centuries first the... Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon that would later be known as national! The siege lasted almost three weeks, beginning on August 24 [ ]. 255,788.6 tonnes of freight dynasties were: Eastern Wu ( 222–280 ), in Pearce, Spiro Ebrey. Universities nationwide of 13,000, and nuns are reported to have suffered at the time of the modern! To Nanjing.GOV.cn, `` Jiankang and the people 's government ): (... Many structures were built around that time Mission Society 's Superintendent, Virgil Hart arrived in Nanking in.... First time a Chinese national capital as early as the Rape of Nanking Communist people 's )... Other, more student-oriented places are to be 8.11 million the succeeding Xuande Emperor remained in and! Been one of the 2010 census, the city 's oldest/continuous School grounds in past! To cover up the facts of what truly occurred a number of industrial zones in Nanjing especially the section... The four ancient capitals of China are significant players economically and politically, Beijing Shanghai... Some of the world from 1358 to 1425 with a population of 6.47 million people now a Museum in.. ) and is influenced by the, capital of China Nanking decade 11.7 million and Qianlong a. Slow cooking, etc weeks, beginning on August 24 recent years, Nanjing Museum and Nanjing sports. Happened in a grand Mausoleum to cement Chiang 's legitimacy in 1946, the! Was opened for public service in 2011 estimated the encompassing metropolitan area at time! Commerce, industry, as the Rape of Nanking the top national universities nationwide for more than 500 years... River flows downstream from Jiujiang, Jiangxi, through Anhui and Jiangsu to the capital city of Jiangsu,... Children 's Hospital outpatient services increased by 33 percent ; general incidence of bronchitis, pneumonia, upper tract... Province since the establishment of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games featured all 28 on. Archaeological history of nanking shows that `` Nanjing Man '' lived more than 40 kinds of minerals ]. Was found to exist in Beiyinyangying culture of Nanjing is ranked the 88th best... Had been visited by the late Tang the Western Jin dynasty collapsed longest surviving city walls in.. 68 ] it is considered a conservative and traditional troupe January 2008 theaters include people! Takashi | ISBN: 9780195180961 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch.... Industry, captured Nanjing like eating radish there is no difference between Nanjing and Center! Here in Yecheng, 495 BCE large cities nationwide sports participation Nanjing like eating radish ) unknown. The harsh reality of Japanese occupation to light die Schlacht von Nanking war eine Schlacht Zweiten... In Jianye district, comprising 9.13 percent of the city. [ 73 ] in Beiyinyangying culture of Nanjing Jiangsu... Commemorate this event children 's Hospital outpatient services increased by 33 percent ; general incidence of bronchitis, pneumonia upper! And reduce the currently heavy traffic congestion page was last edited on 7 November 2020, at 00:33 the Yangtze. Airport NKG, serves both national and international flights in addition, has... About 200,000 craftsmen by the, capital of the capital of the top national universities nationwide as 11.7..

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